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At age 42, Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest man to assume the U.S. presidency after President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901. He was also the first to succeed to the office after a president's death, and then to later also win by election. His other jobs were quite varied: cattle rancher, deputy sheriff, historian, naturalist, explorer, author of 35 books, police commissioner, assistant Secretary of the Navy, governor of New York, war hero, and lawyer. The teddy bear was named after Roosevelt, in response to a cartoon showing the president refusing to shoot a bear after it had been tied to a tree. He considered it unsportsmanlike. Teddy Roosevelt is one of the four "faces" of Mt. Rushmore. Roosevelt's  "Man in the Arena Speech" which is featured on this shirt, is very famous and has been referred to as "one of his greatest rhetorical triumphs".

SPECS: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

This shirt is an athletic-fit and true to size

Vintage Navy Teddy Roosevelt

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