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4Freedom family


4Freedom™ is owned and operated by a military couple. Jonathan and Shari love all things American and built this brand to fulfill their desire to not just wear the American flag, but to wear clothes that are actually made in America.


4Freedom™ takes pride in being a company that gives back to those who were willing to give all to this great country.

All gave some, some gave all.


If you are proud to be an American, you support our military, you love the colors red white and blue, you pledge allegiance to the flag, you know that God blessed America, you are a star spangled patriot and you want to wear clothes that represent all of the above, then 4Freedom™ is for you.


All items sold by 4Freedom™ are Made for Americans by Americans.

This brand is designed specifically for people who are patriotic to their core.

At 4Freedom™ we support our troops and we salute our flag.


Join the #4FreedomMovement and wear your patriotism…made right!


God Bless America!


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